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How to get likes on Instagram

The easiest way to quickly gain a lot of likes on Instagram is to use automatic actions or cheat services. The principle in them is different, somewhere you pay for the fact that you put likes, somewhere you earn points for this, but the result is the same-an increase in likes on your publications. Moreover, you can get them both from bots and from live users.

The first five are our recommendations, and then they are already scattered. If you are in doubt about a service, use its trial period, evaluate whether it suits you or not.

The Trial service period, the Value of/200 instagram likes free trial

Tooligram is 490 rubles / month

Zengram is from 99 rubles for three days

Install is available from 399 rubles/month

BossLike No from 0.20/like

Zeus is 390 rubles / month

FastFreeLikes is from 5 rubles/100 likes

Likeinsta No from 0.40 rub/like

Fastpromo No 280 rub/1000 likes

SMOSERVICE No 0.48 rub/like

Like Has 149 rub/300 likes

Congress There are 39 RUB/100 likes

SmmLaba No from 8 rub/100 likes

Podpisota is from 390 rubles/month

Jocelyn No from 100 rub/100 likes

Likemania No from 1.65 RUB/10 likes

Like Is Free To Eat

Prskill No from 44 rub/1000 likes

Life hacks: Using cheating, you don’t see the real picture of which post went in and which one didn’t. You just create the illusion that everything in the account is super. So don’t abuse it, but look for real problems and solutions.

Buy a small number of actions. It is better to stretch the process for several days. This will protect You from blocking and suspicion on the part of subscribers.

Services for cheating likes – an easy method, but not the only one. There are other ways to get likes on Instagram without cheating. But they are more likely to help attract an audience to your profile, the rest depends on how you conduct it: the quality of content, expertise, design, etc.

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1. Hyip

Follow the news and build on their basis your posts, express your position. If you react quickly, you will be able to collect the asset in your account.

How to get likes on Instagram: 16 examples + 17 services
Lifehack: Just do not” build happiness on someone else’s misfortune», be constructive and do not hype on tragedies. Ask your followers to express their opinion with likes and comments.

2. Activity Chats

Activity chats are communities where people who want to get likes and other activity get together mutually. You like it – and you like it back. You can find them in Instagram itself, but it is more convenient to do it via Telegram, there are many similar chats. Read more about activity chats in our article.

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How to get likes on Instagram: 16 examples + 17 services
Life hacks: Join chats with about 20-50 participants. This increases the likelihood that people who complete tasks will not repeat themselves, and you will get likes from different users. Also, don’t join 20 chats at once. You just won’t have time to be active everywhere. It is better to choose a couple with simple rules without instant blocking.

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